More Previews!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late, but here it is...(I had to sleep sometime, ya know >_>).

Batshit Tower's (#31) Gift:

Hunt Preview? Round 3

Soo yesterday I got a couple of items to preview and totally spaced blogging them with everything else I had on my plate. Giant fail. So, without further ado (one day late- I'm sorry!!)

.44 Caliber (#44)
gotta say, i LOVEEE the tops. And there is also an included voucher for 50L off a 100L+ purchase that I'm totally gonna be using. :)
AND the bottoms from Vth Column are also cutesy and piratey and good to mis and match with :)

Round 2.5

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Usually I'd wait until I got a few more previews sent to me, but oh my goodness. I just fell in love with this little guy SOOO i give you 2.5 :)

.: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. (#37) An Adorable Pirate parrot! (If any of you know me, you know how much I love cute little birdies!)


Hunt Previews Round 2

Only a few got sent to me butttt..... here goes :)

firstly... Sirens Song (#21) Kaffe McMahon made this FANTASTIC gift that I just love. The picture doesn't do it justice, and sicne I didnt wanna give it away, I left the box closed :D It's Davy Jones' Heart and is very fun!

Next are 2 necklaces from Dionysia Designs (#34)
These are also totally great, I havent taken off the wench version since i got it :) Cute and pirate-y without needing to go in your costumes folder until needed :) perfect for everyday!
Third here is from X-Factory (#28) They sent me pictures of their prizes so I didnt get to play with this one, however the picture looks pretty awesome. Perfect decor for any upcoming pirate parties, anddddd they have a great gift for the prize skybox at the end too :)-------------------------------------------------------------
Lastly, myself :D .hc&co. (#5) I made this cute (and veryy inspired) outfit that's funky, red, and totally piratey, but something I thought I'd wear (or atleast wear parts of) throughout the year. Tee, skirt, and belt to mix and match with whatever :)


So... I'm still totally willing to post more previews, just send your stuffs right on over to Heather Connolly and I'll get yours posted :) Happy Hunting!!


The Official Hints

Monday, September 28, 2009

  1. Anadem Fashions :: Feelin' a lil grey?
  2. +DV8+ :: Changes Constantly!
  3. Bubblefish :: Take a look around, or ask in the group.
  4. Sugar Mill Poses :: [As of right now, consider this one not in the hunt. Skip to #5 for now.]
  5. HC & Co. :: I'm in the most basic of storage.
  6. Troubled Rebel :: Open the gates for the Railroad car to get thru!
  7. Divalicious :: Being 'pure' of 'heart' will help you greatly.
  8. Hatter Is Mad :: Seek out the treasure, it's been mapped out for you.
  9. Kaotik Industries :: Grab-A-Hint, In Stores Now! :>
  10. Cilian'gel :: Hunts can be a total nightmare.
  11. Silk & Satyr :: I could use a drink.
  12. Ali Couture :: Members beware... make sure to buckle your belt.
  13. Karnal Rage :: I'm scared of heights. D:
  14. Rasetsukoku :: [Coin not out yet. Will be soon! Check back!]
  15. Dilettantish Tragos :: Take a look around, or ask in the group.
  16. Frop! :: [Coin not out yet due to RL reasons. Check back!]
  17. Color Me Chaos :: The ornamental frieze upstairs is extremely unique I hear.
  18. Adore & Abhor :: You can't miss me!
  19. Heart & Sole :: Heights still freak me out.
  20. Bedlam Inc :: Time out! Get in the corner!
  21. Seaside :: Search to the ends of the land to a sand dune and wreck that has washed ashore to find what you seek.
  22. Intrigue Co :: "Look up and down. I've got you cornered."
  23. DragonLady Designs :: Check in at the front desk.
  24. Passionate Neko :: [Appears to not be in the hunt. Skip on to #25.]
  25. Pirate Queen Designs :: Ye be needing me for fishin'. [Bonus coin - Portal to sailing the seas.]
  26. Dark Water Design :: Its a lofty pursuit, hunting for pirate treasure.
  27. Burning Chrome :: Everyone loves freebies.
  28. X-Factory :: Don't shoot!
  29. Hearth & Home :: Careful you might step on me! I am hidden in plain sight!
  30. Luscious Art & Photography :: Find the MM room, as this dubloon loves erotic vamps.
  31. Batshit Tower :: Coin overboarrrrrrrrrrrd!!
  32. Patchwork :: Have a seat and enjoy the music.
  33. .44 Caliber :: A little higher than the sharkskin, but don't can afford me.
  34. Dionysia Designs :: Feelin' Lucky?
  35. Morbid Mausoleum :: All the glistens in the Fall, may not be gold for sure. But Fall it is and gold is near, the maiden sees it clear.
  36. Zomelia Design :: I like to run between the jewelry.
  37. WEiRD DESiGNS :: Keep your pants on! D:<
  38. Not Without You :: Go down and browse.
  39. Spyralle :: Starlight...starbright...
  40. Tree House Treasures :: This time I'm not in the garden but snuggled next to more money!
  41. Prim & Pixel Paradise :: Finding a dubloon gives one a gold rush!
  42. aDORKable Poses :: It's like a rainbow..only kinda straight...yeah.
  43. Nushru :: I still crave watermelon. Yum!
  44. AZE Designs :: You'll go to 'mast'ive lengths to find me.
  45. Donetta's Discoveries :: By me treasure chest, arrr.

Hunt Previews, Round One

Some of our hunt stores have released a preview of the items you will be able to hunt starting October 1st, so I'm showing you the samples as I get a chance.

Now, first up we have The Hatter is Mad (#8) with a hat, waist scarf, and leg scarf:


Next is [Not Without You] (#38) with a pair of pirate themed jeans:


Silk & Satyr (#11) provides some goodies as well:


Dilettantish Tragos (#15) offers up a couple of wands (Just one pictured, obviously):


DragonLady Designs (#23) has a set of three themed art pieces:


Patchwork; Perfectly Hodgepodge (#32) has some awesome bunny pirates:


Dark Water Designs (#26) offers up a male shirt and a women's skirt and corset outfit:


Heart & Sole (#19) has an adorable pair of heels:


Spyralle (#39) has a unisex tunic:

The tunic is undergoing a minor tweak. The picture will be back shortly.


Donettas Discoveries (#45) is the last stop on the hunt, and offers up this outfit (and yes, my legs are still there ;_;):

Pirate's Gold Hunt - October

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pirate's Gold Hunt, taking place October 1st through the 22nd, sends Second Lifers around the grid through 45 different stores, picking up hidden gold dubloons containing an item for a woman as well as an item for a man.

Upon the end of this hunt, there will be a location for the hunters to teleport to featuring a few more extra fun things as a reward for completion.

Starting Point: Anadem Fashions - The sign will be out shortly.

Also visit the Flickr group for the hunt and toss up any hunt related images you want, after you've been approved to participate as a store.